Turtles: an inspiration for the mind

The art of transforming walls into works of art 

Turtle murals around the world

History has taught us that turtles are creatures that defy nature and the passage of time, which is why many artists today have been inspired by them to convert walls into amazing works of art. Some of these were created seeking to transmit messages of environmental conservation through colors and shapes.

That’s why today we will show you some murals inspired by turtles around the world

1.-Playa del Carmen

Artist: Senkoe

Location: Juárez AVE with 5th AVE

Xenses-Playa del Carmen-Turtles

Photo by PptoTravel

2.- Richmond, Virginia

Artist: Rvastreetart

Location: 18th street #11 at Have a nice day Coffee


Photo of Tangeetaughtu

3.-Mazunte, Oaxaca 

Artist: Agus a.k.a Sapo

Location: Main street of Mazunte, Oaxaca


Photo Instagram Michaelmejiaart

4.-Paia, Maui

Artist: Robena

Location: Hana Highway #99 Maui Go-Round.


Xenses-Playa del Carmen-Turtles

Photo Instagram GoodAllCreative


5.-Buenos Aires, Argentina

Artist: Martín Ron

Location: Pedro de Luján street #33200

Xenses-Playa del Carmen-Turtles

Photo of BuenosAiresStreetArt.



Artist: BiCromo/ Jenaro Gonzalez

Location: Carrera 45 National University of Colombia, Bogota, Colombia

Turtles-Xenses-Playa del Carmen

Photo of JenaroGonzalez


7.- Tijuana, México

Artist: Ariana Escudero

Location: Bvld. Benito Juárez

Xenses-Playa del Carmen-Turtles

Photo of Recreo Viral


Turtles have earned a special place on the planet, the proof is these samples of art and creativity that can be found all over the world. The next time you find a mural, ask more about its realization and discover its history. Each of the artists has merged feelings, stories, situations, and emotions to give life and color to these murals.

Have you seen a mural that you liked? Share it with us!